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The point of reference for the professionals interested in fish products.

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Solutions, answers, useful suggestions to improve your business. " Eurofishmarket" will talk to producers, aquacultures operators, fishermen, large retailers , consumers associations, control bodies (Ministries, ASL, IZS), the Universities and research centers. Everyone will be able to openly exchange opinions and share their experiences. Like every proper "Fish Market", the magazine will discuss the new "products" from every "sea". It will provide information on the emerging problems, on the new market trends, on the more recent or under discussion regulations, both at national and community level. It will also promote research projects useful for everyone, motivating their sponsorships.
Our aim is to build a link, a bridge between the scientific world and the public institutions, the sector companies and the consumers. Also, beyond the "controllers" and the "controlled", to solve the problems together in the common interest.

The subscription fee covers two issues of "Eurofishmarket" chosen by the subscriber and it's priced at € 50 in Italy and € 80 outside Italy. A single copy is priced at € 38 in Italy and € 45 outside Italy. To receive one or more back issues e-mail us at abbonamenti@eurofishmarket.it sending us your details and the number of the corresponding issue you would like to receive. The price of each back issue is € 35 for copy.

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Numbers Eurofishmarket

Eurofishmarket - 29

January - 2019

Eurofishmarket - 28

September - 2017

Eurofishmarket - 27

August - 2017


    Read the summary in pdf : Summary

    Eurofishmarket - 26

    April - 2016

    Read the summary in pdf : Summary

    Eurofishmarket - 25

    September - 2016

    Read the summary in pdf : Summary

    Eurofishmarket - 24

    December - 2015


    • Applied Research:Is sushi a dangerous foood?
    • Legal advice: Conservation of fish products
    • Applied Research: IZS guidelines on bivalve shellfish
    • Dossier: Animal welfare and crustaceans
    • Products from the World: Yellowtail amberjack
    • Fair and events: AIVI,SIPI and SIRAM 2015
    Read the summary in pdf : Summary

    Eurofishmarket - 23

    September - 2015


    • Applied research: Molluscs and innovation
    • Investigative report: more common fish non conformity
    • Events: Where salmons swims
    • University: Studying in Alma Mater
    • Dossier: Chinese Seafood in EU
    Read the summary in pdf : Summary

    Eurofishmarket - 22

    December - 2014


    • Current news: Halosaurus
    • Applied research: New technologies and strategies for molluscs sales
    • Dossier: New labels, new opportunities
    Read the summary in pdf : Summary

    Eurofishmarket - 21

    September - 2014


    • High pressures for serving the cod
    • Anisakis: alarm or panicking?
    Read the summary in pdf : Summary

    Eurofishmarket - 20

    November - 2013

    Read the summary in pdf : Summary

    Eurofishmarket - 19

    July - 2013


    • How to deal with high fish mortality
    • PCR against substitution frauds
    • Bluefin tuna or "red tuned"?
    • "Green" Ireland
    • Evaluation of the oily fish resource
    Read the summary in pdf : Summary

    Eurofishmarket - 18

    November - 2012


    • Organic aquaculture: is it possible?
    • Croatia, Cromaris - An example of aquaculture
    • Aquaculture and fish in pictures
    • Fish products in Latin America
    • Ice is not alla the same
    • Fish products and RASFF
    • Listeria alarm
    • Just Cadmium, Lead and Mercury?
    • Anisakis
    • Biotoxins in Italy
    • What about additives?
    • RASFF weaknesses
    • The future of fisheries
    • SIPI 2012: what's new??

    Eurofishmarket - 17

    February - 2012


    • Swordfish (Xiphias gladius) parasites of inspective and hygienic interest
    • Eurofishmarket interviews the Minister Catania
    • Eurofishmarket interview with Aina Afanasjeva, managing editor of the Eurofish Magazine
    • Zero tolerance for illegal fishing
    • Small pelagic: an important resource
    • Transport of live fish and fish produtcs
    • Taking stock on the fish flours situation
    • "Taste"...of sea 2012
    • Revitalization of Croatian Carp farming

    Eurofishmarket - 16

    July - 2011


    • The inquiry: Fisheries sector production in Italy
    • Fairs: Dopo "Cibus"
    • Fairs: MSE 2011
    • Dossier: Grouper or not?
    • Aquaculture: Cobia, a gamble of modern aquaculture
    Read the summary in pdf : Summary

    Eurofishmarket - 15

    February - 2011


    • Current news: His Majesty King crab nei
    • Interview: MIPAAF and fish products
    • Dossier: The new issues regarding additives in fish products
    • Market research: Additives: over to producers and sellers
    • Exposition: CibusTour
    • Aquaculture and environment: Eco-compatible aquaculture
    Read the summary in pdf : Summary

    Eurofishmarket - 14

    November - 2010


    • Current news: The Chilean-Peruvian Scallop
    • Processed fish products: From Plaice to Mugnaia
    • Brussels fair: ESE 2010: dedicated to sustainability
    • Dossier: What is IUU?
    • Aquaculture: Sea Bass's aquaculture "in numbers"
    Read the summary in pdf : Summary

    Eurofishmarket - 13

    June - 2010


    • MSE 2010
    • Fish products made in Chile
    • Raw fish hazard?
    • Taking stock of sustainable Plaice
    • Solutions for an alternative transport method
    • The Bluespotted cornetfish in Mediterranean

    Eurofishmarket - 12

    November - 2009


    • The whole truth about Plaice
    • Why choosing interleaved products?
    • Public or private certifications?
    • Certification and aquaculture
    • Veta la Palma: between biosphere and organic
    • Prehistory of fishing
    • When to buy lobster
    • Mussels: interesting news from Albania

    Eurofishmarket - 11

    June - 2009


    • What is the incidence of the feed cost?
    • Dossier:The audit in the fish sector
    • Searching for the real tasty subjects at “Identità golose”
    • “Healthy eating for a better life”
    • IReliable fish identification... now it’s possible!
    • MSE... between technology and innovation
    • Food poisoning from fishery products: an update
    • Histamine: what to know to avoid it
    Read the summary in pdf : Summary

    Eurofishmarket - 10

    November - 2008


    • Under the breading with IEF
    • Dossier: Pros and cons of smoked salmon
    • Is mercury a problem?
    • MSE Seafood&Processing 2008 report
    Read the summary in pdf : Summary

    Eurofishmarket - 9

    March - 2008


    • “Endocrinal disruptors”
    • Is it real fish?
    • Dossier: No more defrosted for fresh
    • Feed efficiency monitoring
    • Tetrodotoxin risk?
    Read the summary in pdf : Summary

    Eurofishmarket - 8

    November - 2007


    • Nordic cod farming
    • The Nile Perch
    • Waiting for MSE
    • Dossier Fish freshness how to evaluate it
    • Health = Nutrition?
    • Europe funds SMEs
    • What label for quick-frozen product?
    • “In-forming” the GDO
    • Minimum sizes and great migratory fish
    Read the summary in pdf : Summary

    Eurofishmarket - 7

    May - 2007


    • Minimum sizes: what's new?
    • MSE Seafood & Processing
    • Dossier: New microbiological standards?
    • Dossier: What has changed with the Hygiene pack?
    • Plaice "Sosias"
    • From "A"nchovy to Picarel
    Read the summary in pdf : Summary

    Eurofishmarket - 6

    November - 2006


    • "Bloated" fillets?
    • Mediterranean caviar
    • What's the "Life Cycle Analysis"?
    • Processed and transformed: which label?
    • The fish market of Belém (Parà)
    • About Panel Test
    • Scallops in the Italian market
    • The situation on IEF
    Read the summary in pdf : Summary

    Eurofishmarket - 5

    June - 2006


    • Additives used in fresh fish?
    • Istant ice bag: what's new?
    • Risk analysis and food safety
    • Flounder of Plaice fillets?
    • Mandatory denominations..what's new?
    • Alfal biotoxins and fish products
    • Sea worms...which future?
    Read the summary in pdf : Summary

    Eurofishmarket - 4

    November - 2005


    • Borders and fish products
    • "News" Jacks
    • Culture of Seriola dumerilii
    • Bred or wild?
    • Fishing tha Alaska Pollack
    • Vibrio and fish products
    • The trail of dried salted cod
    • PAHs and seafood
    • Tracing and traceability
    • Is anisakis a problem?
    • The Ruffe: a non-native and invasive fish
    Read the summary in pdf : Summary

    Eurofishmarket - 3

    April - 2005


    • The problem of enteric viruses and vibrio
    • Seafood news from Brasil
    • Our near future: ionizing radiations and fish products
    • The unknown about "instant ice bags"
    • IEF: University, Esselunga, Altroconsumo and Aquatilia
    • A EU proposal on microbiological criteria
    • The tuna-dolphin problem
    • The veterinary inspector: yesterday, today and tomorrow
    • "In store marketing" the new communication
    • New fish species: qualotative information
    Read the summary in pdf : Summary

    Eurofishmarket - 2

    November - 2004


    • The icing problem in the frozen fish products
    • New dazing and kiling methods
    • IEF: a fast and efficacious method
    • Bluefin tuna
    • Interview to Dr. L. Ababouch
    • EU and scientific research
    • News from Brussels about M.E.L.
    • News from European Seafood Exposition
    • Interdis: password "formation"
    • Nuova Azzurro: enquiry on the shelf-life
    • Allogel: new fish species, qualitative information
    • Greater protection for fish species
    Read the summary in pdf : Summary

    Eurofishmarket - 1

    March - 2004


    • Additives and fresh fish products: when fish stinks and you don't feel it
    • IEF: recognize fish when is worked in slices and fillets
    • The "new" soles
    • A south american case: Chile
    • Carbon monoxide in the transformed fish products
    • Stockfish
    • Fecal coliforms Escherichia coli in bivalve molluscs
    • New solutions from the research and industry world: salmonization of rainbow trout without the use of synthetic pigmentings
    • Illegal activities regarding fish products in Italy
    • Sharks are in danger

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