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The point on Anisakis

foto articolo Now available: The point on Anisakis - A collection of information, opinions and influential data on one of the most discussed parasite of the century by V. Tepedino, P. Fagioli, V. Galli, G. Tepedino, M. Ferri.
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Plaice "sosias"

Insufficient supply of plaice from the markets of northern Europe is leading an increasingly replace of this species with those of other species of different and lower quality and different production process

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Algal biotoxins and fish products

The presence of algal biotoxins in our seas and in fish products, represents an ecological and health problem that could reach a worrying extent due to the frequent isolation of new toxic algal species

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Histamine: what to know to avoid it

The considerable increase in fish products consumption of the last few years, aided by the simultaneous introduction of exotic dishes with raw fish as their basic ingredient, has brought to the forefront the "sgombroid syndrome" caused by the ingestion of food with a high histamine content.

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The glazing problem in frozen seafood

The use of glaze in the seafood processing, has always moved the interest of the authorities over frauds. The addiction of water and the glaze are necessary but have to be under limits. See what we have reported.

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The anisakis problem

Among fish products' parasites, Anisakis is the most important for RASFF notifications due to the media attention focused on this pathology. Which general considerations can we make about this growing risk's prevention? How has the epidemiology of this zoonosis changed in the last few years?

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Listeria alarm

foto articolo The most reported pathogen in case of bacterial problems was Listeria monocytogenes in particulare in smoked salmon. To know better this bacterium, Eurofishmarket summarices its identification, characteristics and the risk evaluation for the public health.

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Organic Acquaculture: is it possible?

Protocols based on organic method are starting to be used also in the aquaculture industry. What are the requirements?

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